WATCH: Jimmy Fallon and President Obama Make Domestic and Foreign Policy Sound Sexy

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Thank you, Jimmy Fallon, for the nickname “Baracky with the good hair.”

President Barack Obama appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where he and the host Slow Jammed the News.

Domestic and foreign policy has never sounded (or looked, tbh) so sexy.

Some highlights of their Slow Jam the News segment:

  • “President Obama stimulated long-term growth in both the public and the private sector.” – Fallon
  • “In short, climate change is real, healthcare is affordable, and love is love.” – Obama
  • “When Republicans gave him lemons, he made so much lemonade Beyoncé started calling him Baracky with the good hair.” – Fallon
  • “Daddy’s got a Hawaiian vacation booked in about, 223 days. But who’s counting?” – Obama
  • POTUS sings Rihanna‘s “Work.”
  • “I have been watching my new favorite show, Orange is not the new black.” – Obama
  • POTUS’s overall swag.