Spencer Pratt: Jason Wahler Tried to Sell Lauren Conrad’s Sex Tape

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Lauren Conrad sex tape does exist, according to Spencer Pratt.

The Hills alum is claiming that Jason Wahler, who dated Conrad in 2005, had tried to sell NSFW video to the press, prompting speculations that the couple did indeed to the dirty on film. Though Conrad denied its existence in 2009 by claiming it was a rumor started by Heidi Montag‘s husband to get back her, Pratt now insists the tape does exist.

“It was not a rumor. Jason Wahler was reaching out to TMZ to try and sell it, and I definitely know that other people know this too,” he tells entertainment blog, Pop Culture Died in 2009. “And I know for a fact that — Perez [Hilton] can deny it to this day because he wants to be all chill with LC — but Perez emailed Jason Wahler and said, ‘Is this true? Because I’m not going to run a story.’ And I even saw the email where he wrote back to Perez: ‘Yes.'”

“Jason is who broke the story to TMZ and Perez,” he continues. “Trust me, I could come up with a better rumor about LC because I know way gnarlier things about her and Jason, at the time, that I never talked about and I still won’t talk about because it’s so heavy duty.”

He adds, “That’s the bottom line, if I was making up a rumor it would’ve been way better than ’Jason and LC have a sex tape’ — the lamest thing I’ve ever heard.”

In the same interview, Pratt also claims that Lo Bosworth, who became Conrad’s confidant after the fashion designer had a fallout with Heidi Montag, was “the most desperate out of anyone” in the cast.

“Lo was always desperate to be on the show,” he says of the addition of Bosworth to the show’s second season. “Once she realized it was a hit show — at the time her and LC hated each other and beefed out — and then all of a sudden Lo’s coming back out of the woodwork, like, ‘Hey girl! I’m moving back to Hollywood.'”

Pratt adds that Conrad is more conniving than she appears on and off-screen, allegedly sabotaging Montag’s career early on in the show before cutting her off completely from her life. To this day, Montag and Conrad do not speak to one another.

“In Heidi’s first season, she only got paid $1,000 — for the whole season — and she really had to work at Bolthouse all day long and sit there for minimum wage, and they made her pay rent at whatever condo she had. She was totally effed. But that was the deal that LC’s manager and agent had set up for her, which she totally sabotaged,” he says. “Lauren had already played this game for years against Kristin Cavallari [on Laguna Beach] … Lauren was already a veteran. It’d be like Tom Brady going against some high school quarterback, with all due respect to Heidi. She was just too sweet for what she was up against.”

“[She told] Heidi that if she kept filming with me, she’d be kicked off the show — when they were still friends and roommates, like, ‘Nah, you can’t film anymore’ — before any rumors of any ‘alleged sex tape,” he reveals, when asked what was the worst thing Conrad had done off-camera. “She did that to a poor 18-year-old girl who just gave up her dreams in fashion school to be a reality star and BFF on a show — and you’re going to just tell her it’s either ‘my way or you’re done? That to me is the coldest fricking… I don’t even want to say all the words that fit in that box.”