Here’s What Gwyneth Paltrow’s $12.85 Million Apartment Looks Like

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Gwyneth Paltrow has opened up the doors to her pricey penthouse.

The actress is giving fans and looky-loos complete access to her New York City apartment in a new post on Goop. Sharing interior photos of the three bedroom, three-and-a-half bathroom penthouse, Paltrow shows off her impeccably designed home in a new house tour.

Listed on the real estate market at $12.85 million this April, the abode boasts “pastel silks, hand-embroidered wallpapers, and cool swaths of marble” details throughout the spacious property. In true Paltrow-level, bougie fashion, there’s also a “swing made from an antique Indian door in the living room” for “reading to and playing with kids” and a “gigantic bed in the master bedroom” that’s “so enormous that sheets had to be custom-made.”

“Projects like this just don’t come along,” says Robin Standefer, the principal at Roman and Williams Buildings and Interiors who helped decorate Paltrow’s private oasis. “That kind of phone call never gets old.”

According to Standefer, other special touches include a classical marble Chesney’s fireplace paired with a Venini light fixture, hand-painted wallpaper in one room with hand-embroidered wallpaper in the next, and marble countertops in the sun-soaked kitchen.

“The word ‘artisanal’ has become shorthand for rough-hewn wooden beams and exposed lightbulb filaments, so the artisanal, bespoke nature of GP’s Tribeca apartment—designed in conjunction with Roman and Williams—is surprising,” the piece notes. “It floats above the cobblestone streets like a pale, dreamy cloud.”

Basically, it’s probably the nicest apartment you’ll ever see in your life.