WATCH: Demi Lovato Was Attracted to Barney as a Kid

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Yes, the purple dinosaur.

Demi Lovato‘s romantic taste buds were primed during her first acting gig when she was eight years old on the children’s show Barney & Friends. She opened up about her attraction to the “jacked” actor who wore the suit during her visit to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert alongside her Honda Civic Tour partner, Nick Jonas.

“Barney was actually very attractive inside the suit!” she told Colbert. “I’ve always gone for older guys, so even when I was younger, I thought the guy in the suit was hot.”

Lovato explains that the actor was so buff because the dinosaur suit weighed “like 100 pounds.”

Just when the interview reached peak levels of truthiness, Colbert praised Jonas and Lovato for avoiding child star meltdowns and “Confident” singer chimed in, “Well, I went to rehab, so…”

Jonas put the cherry on top in explaining his first time that he met Lovato by recalling her audition for his 2010 Disney Channel show, Jonas, which didn’t secure her the part.

“But then she booked the lead in Camp Rock, which was a better project anyway — which isn’t saying a whole lot — but it was better than our TV show,” he rationalized. “That’s for sure.”

Watch their interview below.