A Source Says Taylor Swift Already Thinks Tom Hiddleston Is ‘The One’

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Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston have only been dating for a couple of weeks, but it seems like the pair are already a match made in heaven.

Despite the fact the Swift was hesitant to jump into a new relationship so quickly after her split from DJ Calvin Harris, sources insist the singer has already fallen for the Thor actor hard.

“She felt like she was a little school girl with a huge crush,” a source revealed to E!. “She loves the fact that Tom acts like such a mature man. She loves that he is older. She feels very safe and protected with him. The attraction is very strong.”

The source went on to reveal that Hiddleston is in no way a rebound for Swift, and the twosome are already “very attached.”

But that’s not all. After only a few weeks, Swift already feels as though she and Hiddleston are in it for the long haul with a source revealing, “Taylor said she thinks he is the one, as odd and new as it sounds.”

It should be noted that just a few weeks ago Swift was allegedly talking about marrying Harris and insisting he was “the one.” For her sake, lets hope this “one” works out better than the last.