Usher Reveals Why He Decided on Justin Bieber: ‘It Was His Natural Charisma’

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Usher knew Justin Bieber was something special

The singer sat down with Ryan Seacrest for iHeartRadio at Cannes Lions on Tuesday (June 21, 2016), where he got candid about everything from the Canadian crooner to how he keeps himself motivated after all the success he’s had already.

“It was his natural charisma,” he revealed when asked why he decided mentor Bieber. “He has such a bright personality. Success has many fathers. There wasn’t just one thing I saw in Justin. There were people around his talent. His manager, Scooter Braun introduced me to him. He wanted to develop him with someone who he knew would be able to help him.”

Ryan Seacrest and Usher Talk During the Cannes Lions Festival
CREDIT: Tony Barson/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

It’s safe to say Usher did a great job with Bieber. However, as he gears up to release his eighth album Flawed later this year, he can’t help but keep his eye on the competition.

“For me, there’s always more. There’s always motivation. Even though I created a benchmark to start, I found new motivation in creating diversity as an artist,” he revealed. “If I call myself an entertainer, then that means I should be able to do it all, I should be able to reach out, to have an understanding of different genres, have an idea about how music is made. …the point is to evolve. To find the opportunity to build the brand ­ we all individually are brands and the more we diversify and reach into other areas the more we grow.”