WATCH: Here’s the Exact Moment Kris Jenner Found Out About Rob Kardashian’s Engagement

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Footage of the moment Kris Jenner first learned of her son Rob Kardashian‘s surprise engagement to Blac Chyna has emerged — and it’s not pretty.

In an upcoming episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the usually all-knowing matriarch finds out that her only son has proposed to his girlfriend of four months while shopping with a friend. Clearly shaken by the news, Jenner then proceeds to aimlessly wander around the store as she tries to comprehend how one of her children has managed to snub her by not informing her of such a big life decision.

“I guess Rob got engaged last night,” Jenner lethargically says, starring at her phone while standing in the middle of an upscale boutique. When her friend asks if she’s alright, she solemnly responds, “No, but that’s why we’re wandering.”

“He didn’t [tell me],” she adds, almost embarrassed by how she had to find out secondhand. “It was just all over the internet.”

According to Jenner, she feels hurt because Kardashian told Chyna’s mother of his plans to propose but failed to mention anything to his side of the family.

“I’m not going to call him. I mean, he should’ve called me,” she laments. “I didn’t do anything to him except give him an amazing life.”

“To hear that Rob got engaged through social media is a bit disappointing,” she explains in a separate interview. “He should’ve told me first or even talked to the family about it or mentioned it to his sisters. But I had no idea.”

In a deleted scene from the series, Jenner recalls going to late friend Nicole Brown Simpson‘s home after she was killed. “When I opened the door, I almost fainted,” she remembered, having been told that she needed to go over to the crime scene to clean the house after the trial. “The whole house was black so I started looking around. This was like frozen in fucking time.”