Alexander Skarsgård Gets Wet in Sexy Photoshoot for ‘Vanity Fair Italia’

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Alexander Skarsgard Explains the ‘Brutality’ of Playing Tarzan
The handsome leading man and his co-star chatted about breathing new life into the classic character

In this month’s issue of Vanity Fair Italia, the Legend of Tarzan star Alexander Skarsgård opens up about almost abandoning his career and strips down for a sexy, wet photoshoot.

Before moving to the United States, Skarsgård already had a budding career back in his home country Sweden after starring in the TV movie The Dog That Smiled at just 13. But the fame that came with the role, coupled with the fact that he was already the son of well known actor Stellan Skarsgård, was too much for the teenage boy to deal with, leading him to quit acting for what he thought would be the rest of his life.

“Attention from people made me uncomfortable, so I told my father that I did not want to continue. As a boy I wanted to be like my peers: playing football, going to the pub for a drink with friends, at the stadium,” he admitted. “The cinema has never ceased to please me, but I preferred to watch films, rather than being a part of them. At least until I was 20. ”

Once he got the acting bug again, he decided to move to the United States, without knowing anyone, to see if he could truly make it on his own without being in the shadow of his father. “I did not know anyone and had to stoically endure dozens of bad auditions and put up with piles of terrible screenplays.”

Now, as Skarsgård gears up for the premiere of his biggest role to date, he’s reflecting on what else he wants from life. “I have no children and am not married. But I come from a big family, I have seven brothers and sisters,” he says. “The smallest is under four years old, I’m surrounded by teens and children. So, although I like the idea of having my own family, I’m in no hurry. ”

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