Daniel Radcliffe Discusses His Erections and Farts in ‘Swiss Army Man’

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Daniel Radcliffe really enjoyed making the quirky dark comedy Swiss Army Man, mostly because he gets to play a corpse with jet-propelling farts and navigational erections. Or in Radcliffe’s words, “the farting boner corpse movie,” which he thinks is just a dandy description.

In the film, Paul Dano portrays a man stranded on a desert island, who sees Radcliffe’s dead body wash up on shore and discovers all the wonderful things it can do, from chopping wood, providing fresh water (don’t want to think about that) and being able to propel them off the island in Jet Ski fashion, while the enormous erection guides their way.

Speaking with Vulture, here are a few other quotes from Radcliffe:

On the erection: “The first dick they had was like a broom handle. It didn’t have the right shape. You need — in England we call it a bell end,” so they put a remote-controlled hydraulic penis in Dan’s pants, “which is one of the funniest things I’ve ever been around.”

On the farts: “Paul did one where he grabbed the boom and just put it to his ass. And it’s a weird thing to admit, but I don’t fart terribly loudly. So I don’t think it would’ve been any good for the film.”

On practicing being a corpse: “I can do this thing where I just lower the top lid of one of my eyes,” he said, demonstrating.

Read the whole interview on Vulture here, and make sure to check out the weirdly funny Swiss Army Man, in theaters now.