WATCH: Outtakes From Kanye West’s Naked ‘Famous’ Music Video Surface

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While Kanye Westawaits a lawsuit from one of his naked wax models, other celebrities are coming forth to share their never-before-seen appearances in his “Famous” music video.

Chris Brown wishes he hadn’t been depicted with a “plumber’s crack,” Ray J isn’t happy to be back in bed with Kim Kardashian, President George W. Bushs rep says he “is in much better shape” than his stand-in, and Taylor Swift is apparently “horrified.” Late Show host Stephen Colbert, however, just wanted to eat some midnight snacks with Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Kimmel aired this disturbing outtake featuring yet another familiar face on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

West told Vanity Fair that his friends felt envious of the chosen ones.

“Guess what the response is when I show it to them?” West told the magazine. “They want to be in the bed.”

Who’s next? Gelman? Chewy?

Spoofmaster and showman Jeff Beacher revealed his version of the eye-popping West “Famous “image. Beacher brought his signature mini-Kanye, and his brigade of little people including the newest addition mini-Taylor Swift, a skeleton and even a goat who pooped on the sheets in his version of the controversial photograph.

Jeff Beacher Kanye West spoof