Rita Ora Hospitalized for Exhaustion After Burglar of Her Home Receives Jail Time

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Rita Ora ended up in the hospital on Wednesday (June 29, 2016) as a result of hustling too hard.

After returning from Glastonbury festival, Ora began her day at a photo shoot in London that she documented for fans on Snapchat to watch. It all seemed promising until she shared a photo later in the afternoon from a hospital bed, where she laid with an IV in her arm. The caption read, “Today was pretty tough but I’m getting through it thank you all my fans and friends for the support! I love you!”

In a now-deleted post on her Instagram, Ora added the hashtag “#exhaustionisreal” to the end of the above message. Sources close to Ora second this, telling The Daily Mail that she’s overextended herself between attending the music festival, flying back and forth between Vancouver and L.A.

“She’s been working solidly for the last few months and then when she can she parties,” say the insiders.

Ora also faced legal stresses on Wednesday when Charaf Elmoudden, the burglar that robbed her home of more than £200,000 (approximately $268,423 USD) in valuables, was sentenced to five years in prison. Ora and her sister Elena were alone in their home that they share with their parents during the time of their raid. Elena told the jury in court that she confronted Elmoudden and that he “looked dead in my eyes.” On the 999 call, Ora can be heard telling the operator “I don’t have a knife”, and threatened to kill the intruders while waiting for police enforcement to arrive.