That Time Chrissy Teigen Ran Out of Her Hotel Room Half-Naked with Baby Luna

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CREDIT: Twitter/Vilailuck Teigen

Chrissy Teigen panicked — and that’s quite the understatement — when she found herself in the middle of an emergency drill with newborn daughter Luna and mother Vilailuck at a hotel on Thursday (June 30, 2016). Despite being warned about the run-through ahead of time by staffers, Teigen still flipped the fuck out when alarms started going off.

According to Teigen, she ran out of her room half-naked while clutching onto her baby girl. Needless to say, hilarity ensued — and it was all captured on Twitter and Snapchat.

Both Teigen and her mother later found out that the drill was “not mandatory for guests to participate.” Teigen wrote on her Snapchat, “Oops!”

CREDIT: Snapchat
CREDIT: Snapchat

The model later jokingly thanked fans for their prayers during the so-called harrowing time. Posting a video on her Twitter, Teigen added that she “threw up” after the fake emergency.