4 Theories About What’s Really Going on Between Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston

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In which we examine how Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are fooling us all.

In the mere two weeks since Swift and Hiddleston went public with their relationship, they’ve gotten more publicity than all of Swift’s boyfriends combined. Normally we would just chalk it up to that fact that she’s one of the most famous singers in the world rebounding from her year-long relationship with the world’s highest-paid DJ with a handsome British actor… But could there be more to it?

Between their picture-perfect photo ops and Hiddleston’s anything-but-subtle “I <3 TS” tank, some fans are beginning to think there’s something more going on than just two people in love. Could it be that Hiddleswift is nothing more than a publicity stunt? We examine the top four theories about what’s really going on between Swift and Hiddleston.

1. Swift and Hiddleston are just filming a music video. After Hiddleston donned his “I <3 TS” tank (an interesting choice for a 35-year-old man), many fans got hooked on the theory that Hiddleston is nothing more than the leading man in Swift’s next music video.


Having such a highly publicized relationship, right after her huge breakup with Calvin Harris, creates the perfect backdrop for a scathing music video about the media and their obsession with her dating life.

2. Their relationship is all a part of a big performance art piece for her next album. In the same vein of her potentially filming a music video, Hiddleswift may be preparing for something even bigger, like an entire album. Think of it as a living breathing visual album, almost like Crystal Lite Lemonade. Swift builds up a lot of publicity and interest over her love life (once again) and releases an album all about her heartbreak and new-found love (once again) and rakes in the cash a la, Beyoncé and Jay Z.

3. They’re both attempting to land roles in the next James Bond film. Hiddleston’s name has been in the running for the next James Bond for months now, and with rumors that Swift has her eye on joining the ranks as the next Bond girl, their relationship seems a little more convenient than romantic. Could it be possible that their “relationship” is nothing more than an elaborate and long-winded audition?

4. The Illuminati hooked them up. Fed up with Swift’s terrible taste in men, the Illuminati decided to take matters into their own hands and hand pick a suitor so we would never have to be subjected to another Swift breakup album.

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