WATCH: Kristen Stewart Takes Jell-O Shots and Plays Twister with Jimmy Fallon

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Kristen Stewart on First Love
‘It’s the Most Intense, Overwhelming Feeling’

Challenge Kristen Stewart to a round of Jell-O shot Twister (yes, it’s a thing!), and you’ll probably lose.

Stewart played a round with a much-less-nimble Jimmy Fallon, coming out victorious despite the fact that she was in denim shorts and a cropped top.

Stewart is currently promoting her new romantic sci-fi film Equals, which co-stars Nicholas Hoult as her love interest.

She also discussed her new-ish platinum blonde hair color and new tattoo “one more time with feeling” with Fallon.

On speaking at her Panic Room co-star Jodie Foster‘s Hollywood walk of fame ceremony, Stewart added:

I’m super lucky… most actresses are definitely not as kind and normal, you know. And so like, at ten I was like ‘That’s it! Right there!’

She threw me a birthday party at one point, which was really nice, like she was very keen on keeping me aware of the fact that … it sounds like I’m not normal, this is crazy. She got me a mariachi band, she’s the funnest person ever!

Watch Stewart’s interview below: