‘Turn the Lights Down Low and Get Ready to Glow’

at 9:00 am | By
manny mua

Hey, all you highlight freaks! Here’s to you. The glow, the eye-blinding beauty, and the product that you can never use too much of.

Well, it’s official! The obsession with highlighting has hit an all time high. Highlight after highlight, world’s trending memes, to the Internets obsession with the “Highlighting Challenge.” The make-up world’s love for make-up just got even more serious.

The creator of this amazing challenge was Mariya , an 18-year-old aspiring make-up artist from Dubai. She took the world by storm and made a video using only highlighters. Yes. ALL HIGHLIGHTERS. Foundation, contour, eyeshadow, and sets with nothing but highlighters.


Tons of YouTube’s finest make-up gurus caught the eye of this challenge and re-created the eye-blinding video.

Jeffree Star, Manny Mua, NikkieTutorialsand Jaclyn Hill all took it into their own highlights to make videos showing off their skills and boy did they blind me.

If you haven’t checked out Jeffree and Jaclyn’s highlighters, you definitely should. None of these amazing make-up artists fail to amaze me with their beauty and astounding make-up products, and to top it off everyone of them have such beautiful personalities that make all of us make-up addicts continue to follow them through their journey.

Along with the serious slayage, highlighting has become a huge trend. All make-up lovers come to together to share their love for make-up. Make-up has no gender. Men and women all around the world continue to lift each other up with their love for the amazing stuff. With that said here are some of my glow recommendations!