Emma Roberts Pleads the Fifth When Asked Whether Lea Michele or Ariana Grande Is the Bigger Diva

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Last night (July 20, 2016), Emma Roberts stopped by Watch What Happens Live to promote her new movie Nerve with costar Dave Franco, but host Andy Cohen wanted to know all about her Scream Queens costars during a round of “Plead the Fifth.”

For her very first question, Cohen asked Roberts who of her Scream Queens costars — Ariana Grande and Lea Michele, both of whom have been known to “exhibit diva-like behavior” — is the bigger diva. Roberts thought for a moment before eventually pleading the fifth.

After Roberts pleaded the fifth, she seemed a little nervous after she realized that meant she was required to answer the next two questions.

Cohen followed up his first question by asking Roberts which of her aunt Julia Roberts movies is her least favorite. “Well I haven’t seen the last couple that have come out,” she confessed. “So maybe the one where she had the wig, Mothers Day?” Cohen suggested, to which Roberts replied, “Yea, probably Mothers Day.

Luckily for Roberts, the game ended on a much sillier note, when she was asked to play “Shag, Marry, Kill” and choose between Nick Jonas, Liam Hemsworth, and Franco. “Marry Liam, shag Nick and kill Dave,” she giddily replied.

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