Ariana Grande and Jimmy Fallon Lip Sync ‘Into You’ Music Video Using SnapChat Filters

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Ariana Grande and Jimmy Fallon gave Grande’s music video for her hit song “Into You” a whole new feel when they filmed a new video using only SnapChat filters.

The hilarious new music video premiered last night on The Tonight Show and featured Grande and Fallon lip syncing along to “Into You” while playing around with different filters.

The duo tried to keep a straight face as they tried out different filters, including Grande as a bumble bee and a giant piece of toast and Fallon with the iconic rainbow vomit.

At one point, the duo even swapped faces to as they sang along to the song. Grande and Fallon have been frequent collaborators on several sketches for the show, and Grande showed her appreciation to the late night talk show host taking to Twitter to declare he was her favorite.

Launch the video up top to see the entire video.