Drake Is Now the Owner of a Pair of Solid Gold Air Jordans

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While us plebes wear our sneakers, Drake has his commissioned to be cast in solid gold.

The Canadian rapper has just added a pair of solid gold OVO Air Jordan 10s to his sneaker collection. Flaunting his latest extravagant buy on Instagram, Drake gushes that his new kicks are made of 24-karat gold and they are ironically not to be worn.

@msenna @jumpman23 ???????? #SolidGold #24K #TheseAreNotToWear

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Drake enlisted the help of mixed-media artist Matthew Senna for immortalizing his shoe in precious metal.

According to the 29-year-old, the sneakers weigh about 100 pounds.

Solid Gold OVO 10's @jumpman23 #SennaMade #TheseWeigh100Pounds

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Oh, and you were deciding if you should splurge and pay extra for guacamole in your burrito? As you were.