Justin Bieber Goes Off on Gift-Giving Fan: ‘I Probably Don’t Want That Sh*t’ 

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Justin Bieber in Concert
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The Biebs got angry at his own fans… again.

Justin Bieber lost his cool when a fan threw a hat on stage during a show in New Jersey on Saturday (July 16, 2016). The 22-year-old pop star then tried to explain his frustration in a surprising rant.

“Take this moment to listen,” he told the feverish crowd. “And try not to give me a hat or whatever you’re trying to throw onto the stage right now, because I probably don’t want that shit.”

Bieber has gotten irate with his excitable fans before. Like when he ended a concert early in Oct. 2015 when Beliebers in Oslo, Norway attempted to help him clean up a dangerous spill on stage, angering the “What Do You Mean?” singer and prompting him to walk off stage.

But, immediately after his insulting comment on Saturday, Bieber did apologize to the baffled audience.

“Sorry, that was mean,” he said. “Sorry for throwing your hat, but you ruined the moment.”