Selena Gomez Attempts to Come to Taylor Swift’s Defense; Gets Dragged by Twitter

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Last night (July 17, 2016), all hell broke loose when Kim Kardashian seemingly exposed Taylor Swiftfor lying about approving the lyrics about her inKanye West‘s song “Famous.”

In a series of SnapChat’s Kardashian shared a video of Swift not only approving some of the lyrics but thanking West for reaching out to her. Swift soon responded, saying she never approved being called “that bitch,” but the damage was done and Twitter effectively thought of Swift as a liar.

Swift’s BFF Selena Gomez soon took to Twitter in an attempt to defend Swift, but instead of addressing the issue head on she insisted there were “more important issues” to talk about.

Unfortunately for Gomez, Twitter didn’t appreciate her response at all and it didn’t take long before Twitter users accused Gomez of not using her platform to talk about important topics.

But Gomez isn’t the only person who put her two cents in. Chloë Grace Moretz, who’s feuded with Kardashian in the past took to Twitter to share a similar sentiment to Gomez.

But Khloé Kardashian was not here for it and quickly klapped back at Moretz in defense of her sister with a NSFW photo.

Moretz quickly denied the photo was of her and the shocking photo caused Ruby Rose to come to her defense.

On the other hand, celebs like Snooki are just here enjoying all of the tea.