Angela Kinsey Opens Up About Her Cat Obsession and ‘The Office’

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Angela Kinsey spent nine years on The Office playing the ultimate cat lady Angela Martin, a role that hit close to home for the real-life, avid cat lover. But “cat lady” isn’t a label she’s trying to shake: she’s embracing her love for her feline friends and has teamed up with Purina’s Tidy Cats for a new comedic PSA campaign.

The pet-friendly mom and comedy actress spoke to Celebuzz about her growing clan of pets, her favorite scenes from The Office, and her great love for motherhood.

Celebuzz: When did you first become a cat lover?

Angela Kinsey: We just always had pets growing up and always had cats, dogs, and a bird or two. It was a very pet friendly household. I have a really old picture on my mantle, I’m about probably 2 years old, and I’m sitting on my mom’s lap and then on my lap is a kitten. So I have very early memories of us having cats.

CB: Do you have a lot of pets of your own now?

AK: I’m still a little emotional because my cat Otter, who’s 19 years old, died on July 8. She was very old, she lived a very long life, and was such a source of comfort and just love, and she was a weirdo. She was with me through so much of my life, so many ups and downs, so I’m so thankful for her, and I’m so glad that she got to be a part of my life and a part of my daughter’s life.

CB: I’m so sorry to hear that. Did you have other pets besides Otter?

AK: I have two rescue dogs. Biscuit and Buster, and Otter was a rescue as well. I love to be able to rescue an animal, and my family’s always been very big on that. And my boyfriend and I are looking to be a Brady Bunch, him and his boys and me and my daughter Isabelle are all going to move in together. My boyfriend has 2 cats, Snickers and Oreo, so I’ll still have a lot of cat love happening. It’ll be two more cats and I’m sure lots of delightful chaos.

CB: Can you tell us about the Tidy Cats campaign and how you got involved?

AK: I think my openness about talking about being a cat owner, and then also the fact that I did play the cat lady of cat ladies for 9 years on The Office, made me a good fit for them. I think all of that made sense, that I was a cat owner in real life, played a cat lady, and I don’t mind having a laugh at myself and having fun.

CB: The PSA you filmed with Tidy Cats about “stankface” is super funny. What was it like filming that?

AK: It was so much fun! It was one of those days where it went by so fast cause we were just laughing and having fun with the idea of sort of doing PSA about “stankface.” I think everyone can relate to that litter box gone bad, so hopefully people will have fun watching the PSA. The director and writer, and everyone at Tidy Cats, are having a lot of fun with this campaign and have a really great sense of humor. They’re all obviously cat lovers and pet owners.

CB: Your character Angela Martin on The Office was the biggest cat lover. How much of your real love for cats played into making that character?

AK: In the pilot episode, I had to sit there all day as background, me and Brian and Oscar in the accounting corner. Oscar and I were passing notes and then the camera came over to us so I drew a little picture of a cat and said, “You’re invited to Sprinkles birthday party. It will be in the parking lot.” That didn’t make it into the show, but I went through the whole office and passed out these post-its inviting everyone to Sprinkles’ birthday because they wanted me in the background passing out papers. And then Pam said to Jim, “Are you going to Angela’s cat’s birthday party?” That line made it into the show. I think that started informing the writers, and as soon as that happened, the props department got involved and started putting cat things on my desk.

CB: Your character had so many funny cat moments on The Office. What were some of your craziest cat scenes that you filmed?

AK: Well definitely hands down, was when I threw Bandit in the ceiling. That was just like amazing. And then the other was when I had to go check on my cats and I had to lick Princess Lady’s face. That was a crazy day because at first they were like you don’t really need to lick the cat’s face but I knew that was gonna be baloney. But one of my n favorite cat-related things that I ever did on the show was the monologue I said to Dwight about how to check on Sprinkles. I was like,“Ok lift her tail, now there’s gonna be cream you need to rub it on her anus.” The things we do for our pets!

CB: You recently posted a lot of awesome amount of throwback pics with your Office costars on Instagram. What was the reason behind your the nostalgic posts?

AK: Since my boyfriend and his kids and me and my daughter are all moving in, I’m in a little bit of a moving mode, so I’ve been going through all these boxes that I had sort of tucked away. The first season I had a disposable black and white camera and I found the roll of film in these boxes. It was like the most fun trip down memory lane, and I still have so much I didn’t post. I was like OK I’ve blown up everyone’s feed today with memorabilia.

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CB: Do you still see your Office costars often?

AK: Oh yeah! Jenna Fischer’s my best friend. We talked all last night and we leave each other a message almost everyday. During our first season, Jenna and I were walking to our trailers arm in arm doing Laverne and Shirley and skipping through the parking lot. And Steve Carell was walking behind us and we didn’t know it. We turned around and we were like, oh Hey Steve! He pointed at us and he goes, “This is what you’ll take from this show you guys. This.” And he was just so right. The show was an amazing chapter for our lives and amazing for our careers, but it’s the relationships you take with you. I’m close with Brian and Oscar and Rainn and Creed and Kate, and we all have really stayed in touch, it’s really nice.

CB: You’re going to be in a new Netflix show with Miranda Sings called Haters Back Off coming in October. Can you tell us about the show and your new character?

AK: We shot 8 episodes and what I love about Haters Back Off is that it’s about this quirky family and how Miranda becomes Miranda Sings, this person on Youtube and her weird family behind her. I play this sad-sack mom who works at the grocery store and has fibromyalgia, and I live through Miranda. I’m so excited about the show, because it’s so funny, it’s smart and it’s well written.

CB: Your daughter Isabelle is now 8. How has motherhood been treating you these days?

AK: It’s so great. It’s the club you don’t know anything about until you’re a member, and the minute you’re a member, you just don’t ever want to be out of that club. She’s now at an age where she talks, and we have conversations, and I just love how she thinks. She’s my biggest joy.

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