Hayden Panettiere Is in a Legal Battle with Her Dog Sitter

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Hayden Panettiere and her dog sitter are in a legal dispute.

The Nashville star and her “dog caretaker” are involved in a legal battle involving unpaid sitting services, TMZ reports. However, Panettiere’s lawyers are firing back with a letter disputing the charges, claiming Tia Brooks continued to bill the actress even after she stopped looking after the dogs.

The two had arranged that Brooks would care for the two dogs, Zander and Xena, until Panettiere found them a suitable home. In the letter, obtained by the website, it claims the dog sitter cared for the pooches for six years at $30 a day. The grand total of her invoice came to around $119,000 because she added on lots of extra costs for things like toys. The problem is that Brooks reportedly rehomed the dogs, but continued billing Panettiere for her work.

Now, Brooks is insisting her bills are legitimate and tells TMZ that a big chunk of the fee was due to vet bills after one of the dogs got really sick. Considering the 26-year-old is dealing with other issues, like checking into rehab, she has bigger problems to worry about.