Jennifer Lopez’s 15 Best Music Videos Ranked in Honor of Her Birthday

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J. Lo's $28 Million Bel Air Mansion
Jenny From the Block is killin' it

Today (July 24, 2016) is Jennifer Lopez‘s 47th birthday, and we’re celebrating with Jenny from the block’s best music videos yet.

The pop star and mother of two has had a string of successful pop hits and tons of legendary music videos to go with them. Whether she’s stopping traffic in the middle of the street with a dance break or sharing some steamy scenes with a love interest, a J.Lo music video is never anything short of sexy.

To celebrate her 47th birthday, we’ve ranked 15 of her most iconic music videos from career:

15. “Booty” (ft. Iggy Azalea)

J.Lo’s 2014 video for her collab with Iggy Azalea delivered the “maximum impact” that the music video’s intro warns: tight bodysuits and endless, coordinated butt-shaking and twerking. The cultural phenomenon of the “booty” found its theme song.

14. “I’m Into You” (ft. Lil Wayne)

The music video for her 2011 single hit all of the essentials for a sexy J.Lo video: a bedazzled mini dress, some hot beach scenes, and a seriously good looking shirtless guy as her love interest. We didn’t even notice that Lil Wayne was missing.

13. “On the Floor” (ft. Pitbull)

J.Lo’s music video for the ultimate dance anthem of 2011 featured an iconic silver bodysuit, some rapping from Pitbull himself, and a club dance party that we are forever wishing we could’ve been a part of.

12. “I Luh Ya Papi (ft. French Montana)

This 2014 music video clapped back on the music industry’s sexism with shirtless men in speedos surrounding Lopez and her friends as they lounged around on a yacht. Her friends says at the video’s beginning, “why do men have to objectify the women in every single video, like why can’t we for once objectify the men?”


11. “All I Have” (ft. LL Cool J)

J.Lo strutted through a winter wonderland in the music video for her collab with LL Cool J. The video included some snowglobe throwing and a lot of LL Cool J whispering into J.Lo’s ear.

10. “I’m Real (Remix)” (ft. Ja Rule)

Her famous song with Ja Rule, which created lots of confusion over the lyrics she sings at song’s start (was she saying “Are you Ellie”?!), had one of her best music videos yet. The video captured the essential formula for an early 2000’s hip-hop music video: hoop earrings, velour sweatsuits, and some flirting on a basketball court.

9. “Qué Hiciste”

J.Lo dyed her hair black, did some reckless driving in the desert, and then sent her car to flames in her music video for her first single off of her first Spanish album, Como Ama una Mujer.

8. “Dance Again” (ft. Pitbull)

In the midst of her divorce with Marc Anthony in 2012, J.Lo released the music video for the song that she said “helped lift her out of darkness.” Her personal anthem featured a whole lot of glitter and her new flame, backup dancer Casper Smart.

7. “If You Had My Love”

In the video for her famous R&B song from 1999, Lopez dances in all-white for Internet viewers, letting us reminisce upon a world of 90s Internet technology. And let’s not forget the awesome solo dance breakdown mid-video.

6. “Love Don’t Cost a Thing”

J.Lo leaves behind the mansion, the Benz, and the guy who keeps buying bracelets to make her happy in the iconic video for her 2001 single, which features a dance break on the beach complete with cornrows, a crop top, and baggy pants.

5. “Me Haces Falta”

J.Lo shows off her acting chops in the music video for her 2007 Spanish single. Lopez plays an undercover FBI agent who turns in her boyfriend in her most dramatic and darkest video yet.

4. “Get Right”

What can’t she do? Lopez plays 7 different characters at a club and flaunts her toned abs in the music video for her 2005 song with the catchiest saxophone riff.

3. “I’m Glad”

J.Lo shows off the impeccable solo dancer she is in this Flashdance-inspired music video from 2003.

2. “Waiting For Tonight”

The music video for this 90s club anthem, and perhaps the best song of her career, shows J.Lo as she dances and parties her way into the year 2000 with some neon strobe lights in the middle of the rainforest. What better way to the ring in the new century?

1. “Jenny From the Block”

Ben Affleck grabbing J.Lo’s butt on a yacht. Need we say more?