Did Harry Styles Injure Himself on the Set of ‘Dunkirk’?

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Harry Styles Heads to Sea for WWII Drama ‘Dunkirk’
The One Directioner tests out his sea legs for his debut acting gig!

Photos have surfaced of the 1D singer sporting a bandage on his wrist.

Don’t panic… but it’s possible Harry Styles sustained a minor injury on the set of ChristopherNolan’s epic WWII film Dunkirk. Photos have emerged of the singer cradling a bandaged wrist while crew members examine it carefully.

Now, they are making a movie, so it’s highly possible that this bandage is part of his costume — he is playing a soldier after all — but the cameras weren’t rolling while staff inspected his wrist.

Hopefully Styles is in fact just acting but the images above, as well as all the days he spent aboard boats during filming, should attest that this is a physically demanding shoot.

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