Bradley Cooper Angers Republican ‘American Sniper’ Fans by Showing Up at the DNC

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Bradley Cooperapparently surprised many right-wing fans of his 2014 movie American Sniperwhen he made an appearance with girlfriend Irina Shaykat the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday.

According to some Twitter users, they just assumed that because Cooper played the late Chris Kyle, a decorated Navy S.E.A.L. in the Iraq War who saved many lives as a sniper, the actor must also be a Republican. Alas, no, that is not the case – and it pissed them off.


“We all just saw Bradley Cooper, who played Chris Kyle … at the Democratic National Convention. I’m appalled, and extremely disappointed,” read a Facebook post from an unidentified author, which was later shared on Twitter.

Others shared the same sentiments:

Of course, this lead other Twitter folk to point out how Cooper was just an actor, playing a part.

Cooper actually has been active in his political beliefs. He once made a donation to Hillary Clinton‘s senate campaign and has attended many events at President Obama‘s White House over the years.