Here Are Kim Kardashian’s Favorite Sunscreens

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CREDIT: Instagram/Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian's Favorite Makeup Primers
Here's how she keeps herself from looking like a hot mess.

As a California native, Kim Kardashian is used to the sun all year round. So naturally, the reality star has her go-to sunscreens for when she needs some UV protection.

With summer in full swing, Kardashian has taken to her app to reveal her favorite SPF products. While most of us just use one sunscreen for our entire body, Kardashian reveals that she has an entire collection of goodies to keep her from getting sunburnt — including treatments for her hair and lips.

From a sunscreen that refines the look of pores to a primer that keeps your makeup in place, here are her latest beauty obsessions.


Hair protection


Face and Makeup Protection

Lip Protection

After-Sun Care