This Is Why Rob Kardashian Wasn’t with Blac Chyna at Grandmother MJ’s Birthday Party

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Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna At Sky Beach Club In Las Vegas
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Rumors of a breakup started swirling when Blac Chyna showed up at a Kardashian family function alone this week, prompting suspicions that the model had called it quits with Rob Kardashian.

However, according to family friend Jonathan Cheban, there was a big reason why Rob wasn’t in attendance that had nothing to do with the couple’s recent fight.

“Well, you know, Rob doesn’t really go to those big events ever, so that says nothing about anything because Rob wasn’t at Kim’s wedding, so I don’t think it means anything,” Cheban told E! News. “[Rob and Chyna] are really fun together.”

“I think they’ll definitely make it,” he added, referring to reports that Rob is fighting with his pregnant fiancée. “I mean there’s a baby coming, and a baby bonds people together. I don’t know for how long it does, but I feel like they’re definitely going to make it. I think obviously they’re smitten with each other.”

Earlier this week, Chyna joined Rob’s sisters in San Diego for a birthday party thrown in honor of Mary Jo Houghton, who is Kris Jenner’s mother. A day before, Rob had deleted all the photos of Chyna from his Instagram and unfollowed his girlfriend on the social media platform.

“Rob and her have been getting into little tiffs and Blac Chyna flipped on Rob,” a source previously toldE! News. “He was so pissed at how she spoke to him, so he deleted everything about her to hurt her.”

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