Joe Jonas Talks Band DNCE, JoBros and More

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Joe Jonas has finally found his way away from the Jonas Brothers.

Speaking with #legend magazine, the former teen throb talks about DNCE, the band he formed with friends Jinjoo Lee, Jack Lawless and Cole Whittle, and how he feels more creative collaborating than he ever did as a solo artist.

Jonas explained, “You know, through the years, me and my brothers, we had it pretty easy. We could make an album and hand it in. There were certain moments where we kind of had to have a little censorship, lyrically, or sometimes if it was a little bit too out there, musically, we had to hone it. I think a lot of artists get frustrated because they just want to be expressive and be themselves. I would say that now that I’m older, there’s been a big difference too.”

He added, “I’ve come to understand myself a little bit more and that helps being creative in the studio because you’re not so worried about what exactly you’ll be creating. There’s no censorship, you just do whatever comes naturally. Nothing is forced. Another way people can go about it is to do the complete opposite and say crazy things and go wild and be like, ‘I can do this now.’ For me, it was just a natural progression.”

CREDIT: #legend

The band, who have two hit singles “Cake by the Ocean” and “Toothbrush,”  is currently on tour with Selena Gomez in Asia.

Is there anything he misses about his time with the Jonas Brothers? “Traveling with my brothers and being able to spend a lot of time with them was great, but we’re all focused on our individual careers and I think that time has passed. One day it will make sense to do something together again but, right now, we’re still focused on our individual careers and that’s what’s really important to us.”

Jonas also discussed whether he’d act again. “I could see myself doing something like that again… I mean, it’s one of those situations where if the right stuff, if the right television show comes along, maybe I’d consider it. I’m so focused on the band as of right now, that if something came my way that I really love, only if I think it was right for me, then I’ll go for it. I’m sure I can make time.”

Read the whole interview here. DNCE is set to release their debut album this fall.