So Spoiled: News on ‘UnREAL,’ ‘True Detective’ and More! 

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Still from 'UnREAL'
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Warning! Spoilers ahead!

We’ve searched the internet for the latest TV and film spoilers and have turned up some promising bits of information you don’t want to miss including a new details on season 12 of Supernatural, the possibility of more True Detective and even news on how this season of UnREAL could end…

Can’t wait for Suicide Squad to arrive this Friday? Well, it turns out, a superhero is making a surprise appearance in the new DC release. According to a cast list acquired The Wrap, Ezra Miller will appear as The Flash, the superhero he’s slated to play in Justice League and his own standalone film.

Noticeably absent from the list is any mention of Ben Affleck as Batman, which is interesting because someone was definitely on set in the batsuit… [The Wrap]

Are you a diehard fan of True Detective? Or at least season 1? It turns out the show might see the light of day again!

“It is not dead,” Casey Bloys, the new HBO programming chief, said. “I talked to Nic [Pizzolatto] about it and both Nic and HBO are open to another season. I don’t think Nic has a take and he’s working on some other projects. We’re open to somebody else writing it and Nic supervising it. It’s a valuable franchise, it’s not dead, we just don’t have a take for a third season yet.” [Entertainment Weekly]

Desperate to know how Dean and Sam will reunite on the upcoming season of Supernatural?

Sam “has no reason to believe Dean would even be coming for him,” star Jensen Ackles said. “Dean’s got to figure out quickly what has happened, where he is, and then it turns into a bit of Taken.”

First, a Taken homage sounds fantastic, and second, this can only mean an epic rescue comes next! [TV Line]

Curious how the creators of UnREAL are going to wrap this season? Well make way for Rachel!

“She’s making a comeback,” Shiri Appleby said of her character. “She really wants to put her personal drama aside and focus on work. I think it’s much easier to focus on work than to deal with your own issues.” [Entertainment Weekly]