Jessica Simpson Wanted to Get a Breast Reduction

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CREDIT: Eric Ray Davidson

It’s hard to imagine that Jessica Simpson wanted to get rid of her famous Double D’s — yes, the same ones her father gushed about — for the longest time. In her latest cover story with Women’s Health, the singer-turned-entrepreneur reveals that she only started to rethink her plans after having children.

“My boobs just have their own life,” she says. “They have a way of making themselves present.”

“I thought I was going to get a breast reduction, but after having kids, I look at myself and I’m like, you know what, my boobs are actually really big, but I like how they are,” she continues. “They’re an asset, and Eric [Johnson, her husband] loves them still.”

CREDIT: Eric Ray Davidson

Simpson, 36, is definitely not joking about just how big of an asset her body has become either. According to her, her highly publicized weight fluctuations have helped her and her clothing company make billions of dollars.

“I have been every size there is,” she says. “I know what looks good on a variety of body types. Every woman should feel like she can wear what the model is wearing down the runway.”

CREDIT: Eric Ray Davidson

However, Simpson admits that negative talk about her weight does get to her.

“Media scrutiny sucks,” she confesses. “I can’t sit here and say I don’t notice it … I will never understand why people take someone down for what you look like.”

She adds, “If I had a character flaw, take me down. But a body flaw? That’s not important.”

For Simpson, she now fully embraces her curves. “I’m hard on myself – I believe everything’s a work in progress,” she says. “But that’s okay. I do love my legs, but my favorite physical attribute is my nose, because it’s not perfect.”