Adele’s Last Trip to H&M Was Kind of a Disaster

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Adele, pop music legend and stand-up comedian in-the-making, discussed a payment debacle that happened at H&M during a recent concert in San Jose.

Adele told her story to the sold-out audience at San Jose’s SAP Center on July 31, 2016.

“I went to H&M and my card got declined. Oh my days, pretty embarrassing. Nobody knew it was me, but I was mortified,” said Adele.

The 25 artist said that her dog Louie added to the day’s tension by trying to claw another dog.

“My trip to H&M was great,” she concluded. “But no one knew it was me so I think I’m going to get away with it.”

Adele revealed that her love for common retail stores goes beyond the walls of H&M in discussing her incident with the store. She told her fans that she loves West Elm and Target.

“They have everything!” she said of Target. “Literally, I spent $100 on stuff I do not need, I never need anything I buy at Target but it’s amazing.”

Watch Adele discuss her love for everything American in the video from her concert bewlo.