Jack Osbourne Admits His Parents ‘Don’t Have a Picture-Perfect Marriage’

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Ozzy Osbourne: I'm a Sex Addict
Ozzy Osbourne says he's been battling sex addiction.

Jack Osbourne is weighing in on his parents’ marriage.

Months after Ozzy and Sharon announced they were splitting after 33 years of marriage, their son was asked about their relationship. “They’re working on it,” he said on SiriusXM’s Sway in the Morning on Wednesday (Aug. 3, 2016).

“You know, they’re trying to rein it in. They’ve been together for so long and this isn’t their first rodeo,” Jack added. “They don’t have this picture-perfect marriage, and they’ve never claimed to, so they’re just trying to figure it out, I guess.”

The latest scandal to rock the couple’s marriage is Ozzy’s affair with Michelle Pugh. The news also came after the Black Sabbath singer admitted to having a sex addiction.

But despite their ups and downs, the 30-year-old hopes his parents will work it out. “Whatever happens, my parents are still my parents,” he acknowledged. “You just kind of support what you can and focus on whatever you can get done.”