Kim Kardashian Reveals She Weighs 125 Lbs.

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CREDIT: Instagram/Kim Kardashian
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Kim Kardashian is about to hit her post-baby goal weight. According to the mom-of-two, who previously declared she wanted to look like “2010 Kim” again, she’s just five pounds away from becoming what she weighed almost six years ago.

In a photo shared on her Snapchat on Monday morning (Aug. 8, 2016), Kardashian, 35, showed that her scale now read 125.4 during her daily weigh-in.

“I haven’t been this in years!!! 5 lbs to go!” Kardashian, who stands at only 5’3″, captioned the picture.

That same day, the reality star took to her app to write about her post-pregnancy body image. Crediting her husband, Kanye West, for her confidence, Kardashian wrote that she had set strict goals for herself and worked hard to achieve them.

CREDIT: Snapchat/Kim Kardashian

“Having a positive self-image has always been important to me because it affects so many aspects of my life: my work, my relationship with my husband and my life as a mom,” she shared. “After I had North, there was a part of me that was nervous about whether I’d be able to get back to anywhere near my pre-pregnancy weight and feel confident again, since I was now 50 pounds heavier. I knew I had to put in a lot of work, but I got there—it took me a good six or seven months.”

“After I had Saint, I decided to set goals for myself. I was motivated, but it was tough! It isn’t easy to just bounce back,” she continued. ” I was so jealous of women who had these cute little baby bellies and would gain 25 pounds—and then, a few weeks after giving birth, somehow look exactly like they did before they were pregnant, lol. That’s not me.”

“I’m my own biggest critic, and Kanye is my biggest supporter. He always encourages me, and makes me feel confident about owning all my curves and showing them off,” she added. “As North gets older, she’ll start to be more aware of herself and her body. Her attitude toward her body is directly related to my own, so it’s my responsibility to make sure she understands that positive body image comes from having a healthy self-esteem.”

Kardashian concluded, “We all have our hang-ups and things we might want to change, but my curves make me who I am. So I embrace my body and the changes I’ve gone through. If anything, those changes remind me of what I’m able to create with my body: two little angels that I love beyond words.”

According to Kardashian, she gained 60 lbs. during her second pregnancy. She now adheres to the Atkins Diet in order to drop the pounds.