WATCH: New ‘Prison Break’ Promo Teases the Moment Sara Discovers Michael Is Still Alive 

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Promotional Image for 'Prison Break'
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Michael is alive…but he’s still behind bars.

Bringing a character back from the dead can’t be an easy task, especially when it wasn’t necessarily planned from the get-go. But Prison Break series creator Paul Scheuring and his team look like they have a plan to plausibly explain how Michael (Wentworth Miller) survived the show’s previous finale. In the new clip, Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) arrives at Sara’s (Sarah Wayne Callies) door with the incredible news that Michael is alive.

We can only assume after telling her the good news, he will break down how he plans to get him out of Ogygia Prison in Yemen, which will likely be a ridiculously complicated undertaking.

In the behind-the-scenes clip, the show’s creators discuss just how vast the globe-trotting revival is going to be; and Purcell mentions that he feels the new season “is going to be better than the original.”

The nine-episode revival of the hit series will air in early 2017 on Fox.

Enjoy the clip below: