Everyone Is Freaking Out Over This Hugh Jackman Photo

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Hugh Jackman Is a Real-Life Hero
That time High Jackman saved two children from a dangerous wave.

Hugh Jackman‘s latest photo is causing quite a stir simply because he — gasp! — looks old.

What was once an innocent snapshot of the Aussie actor showing off his dinner of grilled fish has now turned into barrage of comments expressing disbelief that Jackman, a mortal man, can actually age.

In the picture in question, which was shared on Jackman’s Instagram, shows the 47-year-old looking perhaps a little more haggard with visible lines on his face. Apparently, a few bags under the eyes can cause the internet to lose their collective shit.

Now that’s what I’m talking about!

A photo posted by Hugh Jackman (@thehughjackman) on

“What happened to you x men ı was shocked when ı saw this photo are u good you look so tired the time had changed you i am so soryy,” one user comments on the picture.

Another writes, “OMG !! I didn’t recognize you at first ! I hope everything’s okay.”

The photo have also inspired many headlines questioning about Jackman’s appearance, including “Hugh Jackman Instagram Photo Sparks Concern with Aged Appearance” to the outright rude “What Has Happened to Hugh Jackman?”

Could it be just bad lighting? A rough day out in the woods? Maybe. Fans are also arguing that Jackman’s transformation could be for his role in the upcoming third Wolverine movie, which he’s currently shooting. Though details of the flick are still kept under wraps, many are speculating the X-Men offshoot will follow the “Old Man Logan” storyline where the mutant gives up on violence and refuses to use his adamantium claws.

Jackman has been portraying the role of Wolverine since 2000, starring in seven different movies about the X-Men universe

Whatever the case may be, let’s just let the man enjoy his meal in peace. After all, he’s earned it.