Celebuzz’d 22: Swipe Right for Ryan Sutter and the Matchmakers In The City

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The frivolity of summer flings is trickling away with the last sip of rosé as September draws near, so if you’re one for snuggling in sweater season, it’s time to get your relationship game in check. We have a podcast to help.

On this episode of Celebuzz’d host Mia Lardiere checks in with Ryan Sutter, the winner of Season One of The Bachelorette and proud husband to Trista Sutter. Ryan explains how he uses CocoaVia, a daily supplement that delivers the highest concentration of cocoa flavanols, to keep his energy levels up as a father of two, a triathlete, and a businessman. As a person with a penchant for round-the-clock breakfast foods, Sutter uses CocoaVia in his recreation of a delicious granola that he discovered while travelling in Italy in addition to the methods described in his CocoaVia documentary at the top of the page.

Given the fact that our episode was recorded before the finale of JoJo Fletcher‘s season of The Bachelorette, you could say that Sutter predicted Aaron Rodgers as this season’s winner before the final rose was given out. Sutter tells Bachelorette contestants who want to win the heart of their JoJo to “just be yourself.”

“I know that sounds kind of cliché, but eventually, you’ll be exposed for who you aren’t, so you may as well go on there and be who you are and try and let JoJo see that, and if that’s something that is attractive to her, it will work, then if not, she would find out sometime anyway.”

Sutter also thinks that contestants get caught up in winning the show rather than investing in a relationship.

“They’re two different things,” says Sutter. “For me, it was starting a relationship, not necessarily winning a show. You don’t want to start a relationship that doesn’t like you if you’re sort of faking who you to try and get them so you win and then, eventually, it’s not going to work out.”

Then we speak with Alessandra and Cristina Conti, the Matchmakers In The City, who have cracked the code on finding love offline (gasp!) through creating a personalized, luxurious, tested and proven process for their clients in Beverly Hills, New York, and all across the globe. They issue expert advice on building a quality dating app profile, weigh in on whether Tinder has killed chivalry or redefined it, and explain how to avoid the first post-date text debacle using three simple words — and no, they’re not “I love you.” The Conti sisters offer a hypothesis as to why Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, two career-hungry narcissists, work together as a couple and go out on a limb by supporting The Bachelorette dating system.

“Keep dating multiple men,” says Alessandra. “Have a bunch of guys, not 25, but I think that it’s a really effective way of dating. And then once it gets serious obviously you cut the rest of them off.”

Learn more about the Matchmakers In The City on their website, download their app, and follow them on Twitter.


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