Here’s What Critics Are Saying About ‘Pete’s Dragon’ 

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Still from 'Pete's Dragon'
CREDIT: Walt Disney Pictures
Out This Weekend: ‘Pete’s Dragon’
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Love dragons? How about furry green dragons? If so, then today is your day! Disney’s remake of Pete’s Dagon is making its way to theaters offering the touching story of a small boy’s friendship with a dragon named Elliott. It’s got plenty of familiar faces and a lovable, beautifully-crafted creature at its center, but is this new movie worth seeing opening weekend?

Here’s what the critics have to say…

“Thanks to director David Lowery‘s humanizing magic, this tale of an orphan boy and a dragon is that rare family film you really can take to heart.”

-Peter Travers [Rolling Stone]

“While Pete’s Dragon does a fine job of evoking the delight one might feel at flying over hill and dale on the back of a mythological creature, it is less successful in rendering real human emotion.”

-Michael O’Sullivan [Washington Post]

“A cinematic enchantment, a low-key 1970s-style kids’ movie brimming with sincerity and heart. It’s one of the best films of the year.”

-Kyle Smith [New York Post]

“Experiencing Pete’s Dragon is like seeing something thought to be extinct, a creation every bit as magical and mythical as the flying, fire-breathing beast it’s named after. That would be the straight ahead, unapologetic family film.”

-Kenneth Turan [Los Angeles Times]

“The Mouse House has skillfully rummaged through its mothballed back catalog and given a 21st-century makeover to one of its lesser, goofier titles, with magical results.”

-Chris Nashawaty [Entertainment Weekly]

“It may seem absurd that a creature from the Dark Ages could be hiding out just a quick car ride from Portland. But then Lowery takes you into the green hush of those dark woods and you believe.”

-Stephen Whitty [Newark Star-Ledger]