Kris Humphries Was Better than Michael Phelps at Swimming

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Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian‘s unlikely marital precursor to Kanye West, has a noteworthy history that involves beating Michael Phelps at his own sport before he became a gold medal magnet.

An article on the Atlanta Hawk’s website reveals that Humphries, one of their star basketball players, trumped Phelps’s times in six events in the year of 1996 when the two boys were both 10 years old. Humphries even triumphed over Phelps in the 200-meter individual medley; an event that Phelps has won at the past four Olympics.

CREDIT: USA Swimming
CREDIT: USA Swimming
CREDIT: USA Swimming

Notice who’s sitting at number 16 in this time ranking from the 50 free.

CREDIT: USA Swimming

Humphries also scored top-10 times in all nine race categories, two of which lasted in the U.S. Swimming’s youth national record books for 18 years. Though these times have been broken by future potential suitors of Kardashian youth, Humphries still holds a dozen age-bracket records in the state of Minnesota.

Humphries once told People that he gave up on pursuing swimming as a professional endeavor because his early success burnt him out at a young age and he saw basketball “as a challenge.”

“It’s hard to stay focused on something when you have a ton of success at a young age, so I picked up basketball a little later and rolled with that,” said Humphries.