The Beckham’s Family Dinner Outing Was Not Unlike Your Own

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Here’s what happened: Dinnertime rolled around and the Beckhams — your average, human British-American family — felt a rumbling feeling in their tummies.

Victoria Beckham instructed her son Brooklyn to brush his hair and told her husband David to put on some slacks, but not those ones because they have a stain on the trouser. They all hopped in the car and were greeted by Fetty Wap playing with the bass turned up to the car’s maximum level from when Brooklyn took it out for a spin earlier in the day with his girlfriend named Chloë, on whom his mother has stamped her seal of approval.

They arrived at The Cheesecake Factory (Giorgio Baldi Italian restaurant in Santa Monica). Mom got the pasta (maybe), dad got the steak (probably), Brooklyn got a burger doused with a hefty squirt of ketchup (definitely). Then, they left out of the back door because, you know, that’s just how Thursday night goes.