Photos of Usain Bolt Partying with a Brazilian Woman Go Public After Being Shared on WhatsApp

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Photos of Usain Bolt in bed with a Brazilian student have gone public after they were shared on the messaging system, WhatsApp.

Jady Duarte, the 20-year-old female seen beside Bolt in the photos below, was reportedly partying with Bolt at a club in Barra de Tijuca for his 30th birthday on Sunday, Aug. 21. Duarte spoke out to the local newspaper Extra after the photos of her and Bolt appeared on Brazilian sites, claiming that she did not know who Bolt was when they were together. Per The Daily Mail‘s translation, Duarte said of the photos, “It’s very negative. I never wanted to be famous, I’m dying of shame.”

A Twitter account registered under Duarte’s name states that her night with Bolt was “normal,”  however, a Facebook account also speaking out on her behalf claims that she does not have Instagram and never had Twitter.

CREDIT: WhatsApp, Telegraph
CREDIT: WhatsApp, Telegraph

Bolt has been dating his current girlfriend, Kasi Bennett, for two years. Just yesterday, Bolt’s sister Christine Bolt-Hylton told The Sun, “there’s a very strong possibility they’ll get engaged when [Bolt] comes home.”

He recently spoke with The Telegraph about how he wishes to maintain privacy over their relationship and how his rise in the media has placed pressure on him to rush to the aisle.

“I want to keep it small for now, because I know when it gets out there’s going to be a lot of things to say, and I told her she can’t handle it. Because I’ve been through the media … The tabloid media, I should say. Those guys really opened my eyes. Every culture is different. Jamaican culture is different, when you look at women and men having more than one… It’s different. I’ve noticed that in Britain, every famous person, as soon as they get famous, they have to get married – like, it’s a rule. And I’m like, that’s not fair.”

“That’s the expectation,” continued Bolt. “If you’re famous, you need to have a family – that’s what they need to sell in Britain, I don’t know why. It’s respectability. But I’m not English! I’m Jamaican! We have a totally different culture, so you can’t judge me based on your culture. We’re laid-back. We dance, we live our lives, we have our fun. And then when we get older, then it’s time to settle down and have a family.”