Frances Bean Cobain’s Ex Is Requesting $25K Per Month in Spousal Support 

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According to E! News, Frances Bean Cobain and Isaiah Silva are attempting to hash out their divorce settlement, and it’s not exactly going smoothly. Silva is reportedly requesting $25,000 per month from Cobain in spousal support.

Although that figure is big, Cobain is worth roughly $100 million, thanks to the success of her father Kurt Cobain‘s band Nirvana. In the court documents acquired by E! News, Silva breaks down his monthly expenses including $4,500 for rent, $200 on clothes, and $3,333 on private schooling for a child from a previous relationship. You don’t have to be great at math to surmise that all that added up is nowhere near $25,000.

Cobain’s ex also claims that his income from his band, The Eeries, has “significantly changed” in the aftermath of their divorce.

“Due to break up of marriage and incidents of violence and harassment against me I have been unable to tour and record music,” the request states in the documents.

And if this divorce isn’t complicated enough, Silva says that they didn’t have a prenuptial agreement, which he contends means he is entitled to half of her assets earned while they were married.

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