Jessica Alba Admits She Regrets Her Tattoos: ‘I’m Not Into Them Now’

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Jessica Alba says she regrets some of her tattoos.

The actress, who was spotted looking pretty in pink while out and about New York City on Wednesday (Aug. 25, 2016), opened up about the beauty mistakes she made in her younger years. In an interview with Allure magazine, she admits that if she could give her younger self advice, it would be to suggest thinking “twice before getting a tattoo.”

“You’re never going to be in the same place emotionally and mentally at 18 that you are at 20 or 25 or 30. Something that’s meaningful to you when you’re younger is not going to be meaningful to you five years later,” Alba, who has tattoos on her back and wrist, told the magazine. “I have a few tattoos. I’m not into them now the way that I was.”

The mom-of-two also admitted she was a big fan of tanning beds in her youth. “I did a little bit as a teenager and a young adult. I remember, it was a trend, and we all used to do it,” she shared, before adding, “I would never do a tanning bed ever [now].”

Alba, who is is the co-founder of the eco-friendly skincare line The Honest Company, also says she wore too much makeup as a teenager. “I wore a full face, and I probably [should have] worn a lot less, she admits. “The most important foundation is great skin.”