WATCH: Linda Thompson Recalls the ‘Devastating’ Moment When Caitlyn Jenner Revealed Her Female Gender Identity

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Linda Thompson detailed her personal history with Caitlyn Jenner in an interview on Nightline.

Thompson, who was married to Jenner from 1981 to 1986 when he publicly identified as Bruce, said that she was blindsided her husband revealed to her in private that he identified as a female. She described the moment when Jenner unveiled her identity as “earth-shattering” and “devastating,” claiming that she had no idea that the news was coming.

“I said, ‘Have you looked in the mirror? Because you’re not only a man, you’re the epitome of the ideal man'” said Thompson in their confrontation. “In my inexperience and my naïveté, I thought this was something we could fix.”

“To say that I was a blithering, pathetic idiot at the time would not be an overstatement,” added Thompson, who was promoting her memoir, A Little Thing Called Life, during her Nightline appearance.

Thompson also said that their children, Brody and Brandon Jenner, felt neglected by their father after his marriage to Kris Jenner and that she later revealed Caitlyn’s gender dysphoria to them when they grew older.

Watch Thompson’s full interview, wherein she describes Elvis Presley‘s lips as “marshmallows,” in the player below.