Adam Brody on His Morning Routine with His Daughter: ‘We Hike Around Our House’ 

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The charming actor starts his days with a romp around the house!

Adam Brody spoke with People about how he starts his day and it might be the most aww-worthy morning ritual ever.

“I do a nice morning hike with my daughter,” Brody said. “That’s always a treat.”

Like most little ones, he and LeightonMeester’s one-year-old daughter Arlo Day is always up early, but her proud papa doesn’t seem to mind.

“We hike around our house,” he continued. “Watching the sunrise with a kid is pretty fun. I have her in the [Baby] Bjorn.”

Brody also revealed that he sprained his MCL recently while surfing and although it’s healing well, it has definitely slowed him down when trying to keep up with Arlo!

“Three weeks later, I’m still limping. I can bend it, but it hurts,” Brody said. “Chasing the kid is pretty hard! It’s put a big monkey wrench in that.”