Taylor Swift’s Cat Made One Young Woman’s Afternoon Quite Uncomfortable

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A New Yorker documented her close encounter with Taylor Swift‘s cat on Twitter that either foreshadows Meredith‘s desire to escape or a craving for oysters.

Swift’s fan walked past the 1989 singer’s $40K-per-month West Village rental home on Thursday afternoon (Aug. 25, 2016) when she made eye contact with Swift’s cat Meredith, who was sitting in the window.

In case you’re in need of more concrete evidence of her direct eye line:

CREDIT: Twitter

But it didn’t end there. No, Meredith kept that gaze going to the left for a whole 30 degrees.

Chill, Mere. CHILL.

Given the location of Swift’s temporary home, Meredith’s view encompasses both a taqueria and an oyster bar, so we can only hope that she chooses wisely if she was just considering just stepping out for lunch.

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