Britney Spears’ 10 Most Iconic VMA Moments

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Britney Spears and Her Python Will Be Back for the 2016 MTV VMAs, Bitch
Britney Spears will return to the VMAs stage for the first time since her performance in 2007

She’s back, bitches. (But why did we ever let her leave?)

It’s hard to believe we’ve gone seven years without a Britney Spears performance at the MTV VMAs, especially after she’s defined the awards show with some of her most famous performances yet.

Spears is a staple to MTV VMAshistory, and now that she’s returning to perform on the VMA stage after 7 long years, we’re taking a look back at her most iconic VMA moments:

Since her first MTV VMAsappearance when she was just 18 years old, we’ve watched Britney peak with amazing performances, like her 2000 performance of “I’m a Slave 4 U” complete with a live python casually a drape her neck.

But we’ve also seen her hit a new low with her uncomfortable performance of “Gimme More” in 2007 that we very much would not like to revisit.

Britney has also given the MTV VMAs a fair share of its famous controversy, most notably with her makeout sesh with Madonna during the 2003 award show’s opening number (which Christina Aguilera was also a part of, you guys).

And when she’s not making newsworthy moments on stage, she’s killing the VMA red carpet game. Her VMA red carpet fashion sadly doesn’t include a head-to-toe matching denim outfit with Justin Timberlake, but one can argue that her VMA style is just as good.

In short, the MTV VMAs would not be the same without Britney. Check out the gallery to see her 10 most iconic VMA moments.