Britney Spears: Don’t Call It a Comeback, ‘I’ve Never Really Left’

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When Britney Spears brought down the house during her performance of “Make Me” on Sunday night’s (Aug. 28, 2016) MTV VMAs, fans couldn’t help but feel like the old Spears was back. But Spears wants you to know she doesn’t consider her performance or her new album “Glory,” a comeback, because she’s never really left.
The Today Show, headed to Las Vegas to talk to Spears at her home away from home, and the pop princess opened up about the new path her career is taking. “I don’t really see it as a comeback. I think I’ve never really left,” she explained. “I’ve always been here. So (it’s) just like … maybe a reinvention of myself and just a different time in my life — a really good, glorious time.”

Spears, who is coming on her third year of performing her record breaking show “Piece of Me” at Planet Hollywood, revealed that when she isn’t on stage the most important thing to her is spending time with her family, including 10-year-old son Sean and 9-year-old son Jaden.

Before giving a special Today Show performance of her hit singles “Make Me” and “Do You Wanna Come Over,” Spears took host Natalie Morales to Planet Hollywood’s Flowrider, to show Morales how she and her sons let off a little steam during the week. Morales took Spears up on her offer to hit the Flowrider, which resulted in the greatest gif of all time.

Check out Spears’ performance of “Do You Wanna Come Over” below.