Dwyane Wade Slams Donald Trump for Using His Cousin’s Death for ‘Political Gain’

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Last week, NBA star Dwyane Wade and his family suffered a tragic loss when his cousin Nykea Aldridge was gunned down in the Parkway Green neighborhood of Chicago while pushing her newborn in a stroller.

Tons of fans and celebrities alike took to social media to send their condolences to the Chicago Bulls player, but there was one tweet that rubbed Wade the wrong way. After recent attempts to reach out to the African-American community, Presidential hopeful Donald Trump tweeted that tragic murders like Aldridge’s are the reason that he’ll get the African American vote.

Trump was immediately met with harsh criticism, but now, Wade is speaking out for the first time about his cousin’s untimely death and the Republican nominee’s insensitive response. Wade admitted he felt conflicted when he saw the tweet during an interview with Good Morning America on Friday morning (Sept. 2, 2016).

Vigil Held For Dwyane Wade Cousin Killed In Chicago Shooting
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“On one hand, your cousin’s death is used as a ploy for political gain,” Wade explained. “I was grateful that it started a conversation, but on the other hand, it just [left] a bad taste in my mouth because of what my family is dealing with.”