Michael Phelps Pokes Fun at Ryan Lochte’s Drunken Rio Night

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Even Michael Phelps is having a laugh about Ryan Lochte‘s late-night escapades during the Rio Olympics.

While appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday (Sept. 1, 2016), the 23-time Olympic gold-medalist made light of his teammate’s robbery story scandal, in which Lochte fabricated a story about getting mugged by an armed gunman to cover up the fact that he had drunkenly vandalized a gas station bathroom.

As the father to a newborn son, Phelps admitted that he opted for a low-key evening¬†with his family instead of a night out with the rest of the swim team, saying, “As soon as I got done swimming, I checked into the hotel with my family and left like a day or two days later.”

“Yeah, because other people chose other things to do,” Fallon¬†joked, referring to Lochte’s night. While Phelps burst into laughter, the talk show host added, “They didn’t CC you on the invite, clearly.”

“I didn’t get the memo,” Phelps quipped.

In the same interview, Phelps also poked fun at the meme that spawned from his angry face during this year’s Olympic Games.

“I was sitting in the ready room and I remember [thinking], as I’m making a face, ‘Yup, that’s on camera. Someone will pick that one up tomorrow,'” Phelps recalled. After Fallon had brought out a life-size cutout of the iconic image, the swimmer added about himself, “Not only is he going to beat me at swimming, he’s going to murder me.”