Naya Rivera Found Out Her Wedding to Big Sean Was Canceled on the Internet  

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A new passage released from Naya Rivera's upcoming memoir reveals...

Looks like Naya Rivera will be clearing the air in her new memoir.

For years, the production of Glee was rife with rumors of drama between co-stars. Now, Rivera is telling her side of the story with her forthcoming book Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes and Growing Up. Yesterday (Sept. 1, 2016), a fan allegedly got an advanced copy of the memoir and is laying out some of its most scandalous moments, including when Rivera discovered that her engagement to rapper Big Sean was over via the internet.

“At one point [Rivera and Sean] were fighting and he was home in LA after traveling for a bit and he didn’t wanna see her, so she was like ‘well I have a key, so,’ the post reads. “And she went and found Ariana Grande hanging out sitting on the couch. …He stole the Rolex he’d given [Naya] and when she called him out he claimed he was getting it rewound. It was just so messy and then she found out that the wedding was 100% off via the internet.”

The post also reveals some details on Rivera’s supposed on-going friction with co-star Lea Michele. While prepping to film a scene for the FOX show, the book apparently recalls Michele throwing a fit and locking herself in her trailer, which led to an argument between Rivera and producer Brad Falchuk. Sorry Not Sorry also allegedly calls out who started the rumors that Rivera was going to be fired from Glee.

The post says, “it sounded like there was a giant, blinking arrow point right at a certain person. so I guess you can throw a bitch fit, lock yourself in your trailer, and stall production, yet still allegedly find the time to leak stories to the press.”

Other notes on the book tease Rivera’s tales of how useless Big Sean was during wedding planning, his unbothered reaction to the sudden death of Cory Monteith and what really happened to Mark Salling‘s car.

Head to the fan’s site to read more and pre-order Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistake and Growing Up to separate the fact from the fiction when the book arrives on Sept. 13, 2016.